The National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea (MABIK) recently joined the OBIS network and will serve as the national OBIS node for the Republic of Korea (KOBIS).

MABIK was established in 2015 as the national agency responsible for developing the marine economy and creating value using marine bio resources. The overall aim of MABIK is to turn marine biological resources into national assets, contributing to the advancement of marine research, economy, and education.

Amongst other activities, MABIK runs the:

  1. Marine Bio-Resource Information System (MBRIS) which is a spatial information system to manage species occurrence data.
  2. Marine Genome Information System, which offers genome information on marine organisms.

MABIK joined IODE as an Associate Data Unit and will host the Korean OBIS node (KOBIS). MABIK will share and publish marine biodiversity information from around the Korean Peninsula with OBIS.

KOBIS Node Manager: Dr Yong-Rock AN, Director, MABIK (

KOBIS Node page: To be attributed soon.